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Top Ten Fastest Growing Occupations Through 2020

In a market strife with ups and downs, which occupations are growing and therefore likely the most secure? The US Federal Department of Labor provides statistics on projected growth. It is their prediction that the following occupations will grow the most through 2020:

OccupationProjected Growth 2010-2020
Personal Care Aides70.5%
Home Health Aides69.4%
Medical Secretaries41.3%
Medical Assistants30.9%
Registered Nurses26.0%
Physicians and Surgeons24.4%
Receptionists and Information Clerks23.7%
Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses22.4%
Construction Laborers21.3%
Landscaping and Grounds-keeping Workers20.9%

Based on the statistics above, and due to an aging society, occupations related to the healthcare industry will likely provide the most occupational opportunities through 2020.

John Eichelsdorfer

Source: The 30 occupations with the largest projected employment growth, 2010-20

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