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Businesses are facing difficult times. The world's economy is changing. The way we do business must change to become more efficient. Here are the facts:

  • Money is limited, and there is a need to get more done for less.
  • On-line job sites are often expensive, inefficient, hard to use, or overwhelming with advertisements.
  • Newspaper classifieds are being used less as people look for job opportunities on-line.
  • Building brand is key.

Post your job on jobbank

We hope you will consider posting your job with us. This is why:

  • Visibility - Your job position can be seen by many people each day. We advertise our services on major search engines to increase your visibility.
  • Demographics - We are concentrated in the United States and Canada, but we are international. If you require positions filled anywhere in the world, each location is represented to the city level.
  • Cost - Job posts cost a maximum of $65.00 at Bundled deals lower this cost even further. Visit our "Employer Solutions" screen to see more. Compare our costs with other leading job banks. Often the difference is several hundred dollars for just one two-week post.
  • Value - Each job post is reusable and lasts 90 days. Many job sites do not allow re-editing and frequently last as little as two weeks.
  • Branding - You can increase your on-line branding by posting your job with us. Your company's logo may appear at the top of each post for no extra charge.
  • Time - Human resource efforts cost your company expensive time and money. Depending on the level of service you desire, we can help you enter your job requirements at no additional charge.
  • Ease of use - Manage your resume interests from within your account. We have spent a great deal of effort streamlining our site and making it easy to use. We regularly seek feedback from clients. If you have any specific comments, please let us know via our support screen.

How to post a job

  1. Register with You can do this by clicking on register for free on the front page and following the directions.
  2. Click on post job on the front page.
  3. Fill in two pages of details describing your employment requirements.
  4. Click "submit" on the second page and be taken to our service offer selection screen. Here you have a choice to purchase just one job post or cost effective bundled deals. Once you select this, the purchase is placed into your shopping cart.
  5. Click on the shopping cart at the top of the screen and complete the purchase.
  6. Your job post will immediately be activated and appear on your "my jobbank" page.

Note that if you had previously purchased a bundled deal with us and have posts remaining, they will appear under "my jobbank" as service tickets. When the purchase screen comes up, you can choose to use these tickets rather then purchasing new services. In this case, your tickets will be decremented and no item will appear in the shopping cart.

What you can do with your new job post?

After your job post is activated, you can keep tabs on all of its activity under the link for my jobbank. This page describes all of your services as well as unused prepaid services (tickets).

If a job seeker has placed their resume on-line with us, they can view your job requirement and click to apply their resume to it directly. This will cause an email notification to be sent to the email address associated with your account. Unlike other job sites, we allow your contact information to be seen by job seekers. This feature will allow them to contact you directly rather then having to go through itself.

If you click on the job post, you will be taken to a detail screen. Here you can view, edit, and track applicants. If a resume stored on our job bank has been applied to your position, it will show up as a link to their on-line resume.

What if you need help?

That is what we are here for. If you find it easier to have us enter your job requirements, please get in touch with us via our support screen. You will need to prepurchase the service under our employer solutions link, but there is no extra charge for this level of service.


Building our community

We would be very grateful to organizations that support by creating quality, permanent links to our site, articles, and services. This helps us grow our community of users. Let us know what you have done and we will see how we will try to help your organization in turn.

Educational and Charitable Organizations

Select educational and charitable organizations may post jobs on for free. We want to help where we can. We retain the right to determine what we consider to be a charitable organization and limit who may participate in this program. Please contact us via our support screen with details of your organization, your position within that organization, and contact information.

What if you need more?

Human resource departments often seek unique packages. Sometimes bundled deals are not enough. Please contact us directly via our support screen. We can work together to find an arrangement that suits your needs.

Employment News and Articles

If you would like to publish your articles at, please post it through our support and contact screen. Articles submitted by their author there will be reviewed, edited, and displayed if beneficial and well written.