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Employment Article Request

With the completion of our document system, we are hoping our readers might enjoy publishing some of their employment experience, news, and articles on

How to be accepted

  • The more interesting, appropriate, insightful, educational, timely your article is, the more likely it will be posted.
  • What you send us must be related to employent but may be on any topic including but not limited to work experiences, howtos, statistics, and current news. Well written howto reference articles are likely to stay around the longest.
  • You or your company must have written the article and accept that we may modify it as we feel necessary.
  • The article must be in HTML or TEXT format and may not contain special characters as often occur from copying and pasting from word processors.

What to do

You must be registered and logged into when you send us your article as a feedback request on our support screen.


Please note that articles posted on do not always reflect the views of the owners of the site. We do not accept responsibility for article content as we can not always guarantee its authenticity. Please let us know if you notice something out of order so we can make corrections.
Employment News and Articles

If you would like to publish your articles at, please post it through our support and contact screen. Articles submitted by their author there will be reviewed, edited, and displayed if beneficial and well written.